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Remember the annoying warnings that you feel helpless about? Well you shouldn’t because C++-11 introduced Attributes which are indicators to the compiler to either disable a warning or to flag a warning.

C++-17 introduced three main Attributes which are helpful.


As the name suggests, by annotating the code with [[nodiscard]] you are telling the compiler that the values returned should not be discarded. This is usefull when ignoring the returned value can cause errors in the program.


In many cases, some of the variables or values allocated may not be used. Example for this are function parameters that are not used, or data members of a structure or a Class that are not used.


You have a switch statement and certain cases may not have an explicit break statement. In such cases, the compiler usually throws a warning. To avoid these warnings we should explicitly add [[fallthrough]] statements.


C++17 - The Complete Guide

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