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I have been using the moonlander keyboard to boost my productivity. However, it has annoyed me for the good part of the last couple of months now.

What gets me is the columnar keyboard layout which means I must unlearn whatever little muscle memory I had picked up over years of typing on a QWERTY keyboard layouts. Don’t get me wrong, this is stil QWERTY layout or whatever layout you want it to be but it just feels weirder than anything else out there.

The one big aspect that stands out is that definitely keeps you on your toes. If you use a powerful editor which can change the world in a single keystroke then you’ve got to be doubly, triply careful before pressing a key.

Maybe, I am still getting used to it but some of the quirks you have with your keystrokes become apparent when you switch to this keyboard. In effect, what I have done is tried to customize the keyboard to how it was with my previous versions.

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