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I’m not a newbie to Android. In an earlier post, I have written about how to install Ubuntu on an Android. However, this morning my Pixel 3 would not boot up even when I pressed the power button. When I plugged into a charger I realized that the phone was busy boot looping (boots up to initial bootloader / ‘Google’ screen and reboots again, over and over). I am lucky enough to have a friend who works in the Android Team on Pixel. So I contacted him and he pointed me to a web tool to try and flash a different version of Android (specifically, the latest stable corresponding to my phone). However, my phone was not in any sort of mood to let adb protocol discover it on my computer. What I noticed was that the phone was rebooted even when I put it in fastboot and did not make any selections, just let it sit there.

Then I realized that trigger to restart the device has to come from within the device and not from any software.

The Fix?

I realized that for the phone to reboot even when in fastboot mode, only power button can do that. So Itook the external casing that I usse and disconnected played around with the powere button to ensure there are no erroneous button presses. After this the phone now works fine.

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