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Welcome to the Void Star Podcast Series. This episode contains my conversation with Steve Rostedt. Steve is a Linux Kernel Programmer and he’s one of the most prolific contributors in the Linux Kernel Community. He has authored several features in the Linux Kernel including the super popular ftrace, trace-cmd, kernelshark, localmodconfig, ktest. He’s also a key contributor to Linux’s RT scheduler.

I try to uncover the secrets behind Steve’s ability to solve with extremely complex problems in the Linux Kernel. We discuss about a ton of topics from his favorite editor and shortcuts, shell hacks, routines, habits, books, his approach to solving complex problems, his cheat sheet to remain productive, his knack to come up with clear thoughts while debugging knotty issues.

My Interview with Steve Rostedt

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At Linux Plumbers Conference, 2017

Show Notes:

Steve’s favorite books

In his own words:

I recommend books that are in your field. Back when I started Linux kernel programming (in the 90’s), I would highly recommend “Understanding the Linux Kernel” and “Linux Device Drivers”.

When doing x86 work, I read the x86 programmers manual (use to bring it with me on my daughter’s gymnastics trips, and read it while waiting for her to perform. People would joke asking me how the plot was).

And of course K&R’s C programming book, which should be a must read for all. Oh, and any of the Steven’s systems or networking books. They were all great.

Currently, I’m reading up on PHP and MYSQL because I’m tinkering with databases for the family.

For non-technical books, I usually read various books in German to keep up my language. I’ve read the Harry Potter series (only in German), and also the “Night Watch” series. As well as “Orcs” which I think is better in German than in English.

I haven’t had much time lately to read non-technical books. And I would like to give a shout out to for keeping up with all the things Linux related.

International Business Machines

Endicott, NY (src:

Steve’s Blog:

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