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perf - What is perf?

  • The generic profiler tool for linux
  • Provides a rich set of tools that abstracts away CPU hardware differences
  • Is available in all modern linux systems

perf - allows you to trace, collect and analyze data

  • perf is available in linux-tools-common package
  • perf supports a rich set of commands. Just type ‘perf’..

    annotate Read (created by perf record) and display annotated code list List all symbolic event types record Run a command and record its profile into report Read (created by perf record) and display the profile sched Tool to trace/measure scheduler properties (latencies) script Read (created by perf record) and display trace output stat Run a command and gather performance counter statistics timechart Tool to visualize total system behavior during a workload top System profiling tool.

perf - Sample usage

  • In it’s simplest form:

    perf record -a -g -F 99 –

  • This records the activity in the system by:
    • -F sampling at a sampling frequency of 99Hz
    • -a profiling all cores
    • -g generating call graph info
  • Now for generating human readable output from the collected traces

    perf report

  • This displays the performance counter profile info recorded earlier

perf report

+  27.12%           chrome  chrome                      [.] 0x00000000029633cb                                                                                            
+   5.18%           chrome  [kernel.kallsyms]           [k] trace_graph_entry                                                                                             
+   2.67%           chrome              [.] 0x000018b2828b9a40                                                                                            
+   2.54%     byobu-status  [kernel.kallsyms]           [k] trace_graph_entry                                                                                             
+   2.38%          swapper  [kernel.kallsyms]           [k] intel_idle                                                                                                    
+   1.86%          swapper  [kernel.kallsyms]           [k] trace_graph_entry                                                                                             
+   1.45%             Xorg  [kernel.kallsyms]           [k] trace_graph_entry                                                                                             
+   1.42%        vpnagentd  [kernel.kallsyms]           [k] trace_graph_entry                                                                                             
+   1.38%           chrome  [kernel.kallsyms]           [k] prepare_ftrace_return                                                                                         
+   1.38%               sh  [kernel.kallsyms]           [k] trace_graph_entry

Output of perf report -n –stdio

perf report -n –stdio

# Samples: 556  of event 'cycles'
# Event count (approx.): 6711822878
# Overhead   Samples      Command      Shared Object                                                                                                     
# ........  ............  ..........  ..................
    27.12%   115   chrome  chrome [.] 0x00000000029633cb                                                                             
    5.18%     22   chrome  [kernel.kallsyms] [k] trace_graph_entry                                                                              
              --- trace_graph_entry
    2.54%     12     byobu-status  [kernel.kallsyms] [k] trace_graph_entry                                                                              
               --- trace_graph_entry

Ouput of perf top

perf top

   PerfTop:    2852 irqs/sec  kernel:74.9%  exact:  0.0% [4000Hz cycles],  (all, 4 CPUs)

    14.81%  [kernel]       [k] arch_cpu_idle                     
     3.76%  [unknown]      [.] 0x76e22324                        
     1.90%  [kernel]       [k] __memzero                         
     1.27%  [unknown]      [.] 0x76e21960                        
     1.19%  [kernel]       [k] finish_task_switch                
     1.16%  [kernel]       [k] _raw_spin_unlock_irqrestore       
     1.01%  [unknown]      [.] 0x76e22320                        
     0.98%  [kernel]       [k] rcu_idle_exit                     
     0.92%  [unknown]      [.] 0x76e21958                        
     0.86%  [kernel]       [k] copy_page                         
     0.72%  [unknown]      [.] 0x76e21954                        
     0.71%  [kernel]       [k] filemap_map_pages                 
     0.67%  [kernel]       [k] get_page_from_freelist            
     0.57%  [kernel]       [k] do_page_fault                     
     0.51%  [kernel]       [k] handle_mm_fault                   
     0.49%  [kernel]       [k] unmap_single_vma                  
     0.37%  [unknown]      [.] 0x76ded280                        
     0.35%  [kernel]       [k] __wake_up_bit                     
     0.34%  [kernel]       [k] free_hot_cold_page                
     0.34%  [kernel]       [k] memcpy                            
     0.31%  [kernel]       [k] __usb_hcd_giveback_urb            
     0.31%  [kernel]       [k] vector_swi                        
     0.30%  [kernel]       [k] __sync_icache_dcache              
     0.28%  [kernel]       [k] __do_softirq                      

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