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Welcome to the Void Star Podcast Series. This episode contains my conversation with James Gosling, the Father of Java. James Gosling has made significant contributions in the field of Computer Science, while he is most famous for inventing the Java Programming Language, he has contributed immensely by building several tools, compilers, email clients, window managers and tons of other utilities. He has worked recently on ‘Wave Glider’, the autonomous ocean robots and now he’s working on making Cloud Computing even better. In a sense, if there was something path-breaking happening in tech, James was around! What’s his secret?

In this first part in two episode series, we talk about his early years as a student during which he may or may not have faked his age to get access to computers to practice programming, the true story behind the motivation for Java Language, his experiences programming the Ocean Robots, his take on A.I. and ramifications on our future.

My Interview with James Gosling

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