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I came across this blog which talks about about how you could parallelize all the STL algos with a simple argument passed into them. So I was excited to try this but it disappointed me to such a large extent that I am scared to go back to trusting anything in the newer C++ versions.

I read through the blog, also went through the chapter dedicated in the book. Everything about this feature sounded great, even with its minor caveats. Little did I know about the higher order bit that was not mentioned clearly.

The feature is Parallel STL Algorithms but it is not supported anywhere outside MSVC. I think that means, it’s a Windows only feature?! Then why the heck is it even mentioned about in a C++-17 book? Is it just because Microsoft arm twisted the C++ Community to standardize it? I don’t even know who is at fault here? All I know is that the ones losing out are the devs and the language.

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