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Yet Another Yuppy new thing:

Over the past several months I have been dabbling with the idea of learning something new. It’s easier for me to get excited about something new and make an effort to learn it. Once the novelty dies down if the “new thing” is still around making an impact then it has passed the test for “Is it the real deal that people are excited about?”. Being s systems programmer, It is easy to dismiss something as vanity. However, I am also petrified of being siloed into one domain (more about this in another post). So I want to approach this with the humility that is necessary to learn a new topic that is pretty advanced. After all, the smart people pursuing PhDs in the top grad schools of the world can’t be wrong at the same time.

Sprinkle me some Deep Learning please…:

So taking the plunge into the new area and trying to figure things out.


This won’t be fast and you may (or may not) enjoy it. It is going to be one of the hardest things to do. Dust off the Mathematics textbooks from high school and college.

The basics of the basics:

Along the way we will get around to uncovering the mysteries of what a neuron is and how it works. However, to keep the motivation feedback loop going we will actually get things working first. + Matrix Calculus + Single layer Perceptron + Other Fundamentals



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