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What is std::variant:

The class template std::variant represents a type-safe union. An instance of std::variant at any given time holds a value of one of its possible/alternative types.

As with unions, if a variant holds a value of some object type T, the object representation of T is allocated directly within the object representation of the variant itself. Variant is not allowed to allocate additional memory on heap.

A variant cannot hold references, arrays, or void.

Just like unions, the contained type and value within a std::variantis the that of the last value assigned to std::variant.

Why not just std::any?

If you want to store a limited set of types in a container then std::variant is a good choice. A simple alternative would be to use std::any. After all, std::any can be used to store any type of value in it. But using std::variant over std::any has a few advantages. Every a value in std::any is accessed, the type is tested for at runtime. Which means there’s no type information stored at compile time. So, this relies on runtime type checks for information (RTTI). std::any stores this type info on the heap since it must be dynamically allocated.

However, a std::variant does not store its contained type on heap. To invoke std::variant we don’t have to know is currently contained type. It works similar to a tuple, except that it only stores one object at a time.

// the set of types are known ahead of time
using my_var_type = std::variant <int, std::string, bool, char>;
auto val = my_var_type {};
val = 7; // at this time holds an int

val = std::string { "This is a String" }; // now, the int is replaced with std::string

val = true; // std::string is now replaced with bool type

As we can see, the usage is pretty simple. Next post, we will look at visiting variants.

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