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In earlier post, I wrote about productivity tricks that can be used to schedule tasks in a project to be more effective. It was a little more formal in its approach since it relied on applying proofs of algorithms. In the post-pandemic, WFH era, any number of these tricks can be helpful. Even when any single trick won’t last it is worth cycling through different ones to see which applies best.

Today, I came across an article that recommended a simple rule to trick myself to separate work from life. Refer to the original article here.

Two Devices:

The idea is to use two separate devices one strictly meant for work and other meant for whatever else. Use your desktop/laptop for work. The only rule is, don’t use this for anything other than work, you probably own a phone/reader/tablet/TV to read, watch videos etc. Keep it that way, do not install anything work related on that unless you are required by the employer to do so.

This will force you to use the work setup with a mindset of going to work. This has other advantages of calming the monkey brain from jumping all over. Of course enjoy your binge-watching/-reading, sports guilt-free.

When you spend too long on one of them I know it is time to switch to the other.

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