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So… if you have been following my blog regulary, or, if you at least happened to read my essay published on Jan-26-2020 I wrote about how the only way to stay relevant is to do things slightly outside of your comfort zone all the time. If you only take up projects that are only within your comfort range then you risk getting in a rut or skills becoming irrelevant. As a corollary, if you take up projects that are constantly pushing you to learn new things, they will make you uncomfortable but helps you accumulate important skills over time.

Turns out, Paul Graham published an essay on Jan-29-2020 on Twitter.

PG has a unique perspective on the same point. He effecitvely conveys the same message that constantly pushing yourself makes you feel uncomfortable all the time, but this feeling is important to reduce ignorance.

Unless I completely misunderstood PG’s message because I read it in languages I don’t understand we both were advocating the same thing three days from each other.

Makes me think if I stubbed out any thoughts I had about wealth in the past that PG followed up on three days later.

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