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This post is as always a dump of my rough notes to do what pops up occasionally and sure enough the Internet comes to the rescue. Although my requirements, were a little different from what’s described here but sufficient for most cases:

tar -xzf file.tgz has multiple parts

$ tar -xzf file.tgz -
$ # it is functionally equivalent to
$ gunzip file.tgz
$ # this results in file.tar
$ tar xf file.tar -C /tmp

To achieve this we can use the following multi-step process in C++ programmatically:

Unzip or inflate the compcompressed archive

This is achieved by using the zlib project.

#define BUF_SZ 16384
void my_gunzip(gzFile_s *src, FILE *dest) {
    unsigned char buf[BUF_SZ];
    for (auto sz = gzread(src, buf, BUF_SZ); sz > 0; sz = gzread(src, buf, BUF_SZ) {
        std::fwrite(buf, 1, BUF_SZ, dest);

Untar file

I found this implementation pretty helpful in doing this. Although, it appears that this can be converted into C++ from the current C-style.


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