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I have posted podcast episodes where the stalwarts provide their insights into their process. In all their efforts, what I noticed was that they always communicated as their true self.

It got me thinking about a few posts on this blog that have garnered attention. I think each one of those posts have been honestly about what I was dying to find out for myself. Those posts have resonated very well with the readers. The common theme has been to write with an honest voice.

What does that mean? Write like you speak. It is the only way to write when communicating some complex idea. For the most part, technical ideas that are your own seem to be complex at the start because there is no reference to begin with. It is something that has not been said before (at least, not from your perspective). However, once you get to a point where communicating the point you are trying to make clearly becomes your priority everything else vanishes.

This does not always translate well on messaging apps. For example, I am on a messaging group with a bunch of friends (we have all known each other from high school but don’t meet often in person). This should be my safe zone right? Where I can express whatever I feel like? No. A bunch of times I have tried to communicate something which I think was quirky or funny it has fallen flat on its face. This used to happen all the time even back when in our high school days. Now, it has a ring to it that makes it feel like a standup comedian bombing a weekend main event. Could this be because my friends either read my messages in the tone of my high school version or they don’t see my authentic version in those messages? Or could it be that certain type of medium/content requires a certain type of tone to begin with?

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