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This is a continuation of my earlier post trying to get rtags to work over TRAMP.

tl;dr: rtags over tramp still fails

Failure to run rtags on remote files

One of the authors of remote rtags suggested that I ensure the rc binary is actually triggered from within Emacs. So I tried a few things.

Here are the steps:

  • ssh to remote from a terminal outside Emacs, run rdm
  • open remote file via tramp (cmake succeeds in this project, outside Emacs)
  • MiniBuffer says cmake failed.
  • Doesn’t respond to cmake-ide commands (which work fine when attempted on a local project file)
  • M-x shell-command: rc –help shows help menu errors out with “rc not found”
  • Interestingly, if I provide the full remote path to M-x shell-command for rc like /home/REMOTE/PATH/TO/rc -J . then I see the following error messages.
FileSystemWatcher::watch() '/tmp/cmakeMqZWRU/compile_commands.json' doesn't seem to be watchable
FileSystemWatcher::watch() '/tmp/cmakelkQV72/compile_commands.json' doesn't seem to be watchable
FileSystemWatcher::watch() '/tmp/cmakeBr0aly/compile_commands.json' doesn't seem to be watchable

The funny thing is cmake-ide + rtags works and works very well for local codebase so much so that I am desperate to get it working on my remote code over TRAMP.

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